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Safer, Faster, Emergency Response.

Real-time Collision Prevention for Emergency Fleets.

Increase your crew’s safety. Make it to the call without a collision.


The New HA-5 Transponder

Connects any emergency vehicle. Start alerting motorists today.


Drivers get alerted inside their cars and on smartphones

Real-time digital alerts are sent to motorists and connected cars via in-vehicle systems, navigation and smartphone apps when emergency vehicles are approaching and on-scene.


R2V (Responder-to-Vehicle) safety technology

The most advanced in emergency response collision prevention, Responder-to-Vehicle communication delivers real-time alerts to motorists when Responders are approaching and on-scene.


Designed for Interoperability

Customizable options make it easy for departments and cities to integrate HAAS Alert.


Installation is easy.
No vehicle downtime.

1 Connect Emergency Flashing Lights
2 Mount HA-5 to the Dash
3 Start Alerting Drivers


Real-time Situational Awareness

For departments only. Real-time fleet status, active response visualization and overall performance metrics available from any device.


Learn why HAAS Alert has support from leading road safety organizations.